Alvarez is certainly one of the strongest, and hippest. Its been around for 50 years and when I look through the photos of Artists old and new, its incredible. I also think credibility comes from innovation, and Alvarez is a great design company. From early progressive bracing patterns, to our direct coupled, or bi-level bridges. To our extended neck block construction, or integral pick guards. Many of our ideas have stuck and brought great benefits to our guitars and we continue to be creative and progressive today.

While I agree that other acoustic guitar brands make great guitars, where I think Alvarez is unique is that we make great guitars more accessible to more people. Making a great quality or professional guitar that sells for $4000.00 is not that difficult, making one that sells for $400.00, is. And in that statement I think lies our difference. I believe we make the best value guitars available. Truly designed instruments that we go the extra one hundred miles on to make them as accessible to as many players as possible.

From our Yairi Masterworks Series to an entry level Artist Series guitar, the amount of time we spend striving to excel is endless – this is our culture. Our R&D roadmap is always out by a year to 18 months and we always aspire to be better and find new ways to improve.